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Hi, my name is Wemmy and, together with my fiancé Imhons, I will be sharing my knowledge and passion for everything real estate in Nigeria. We have combined almost a decade of field experience and a lifetime of living in Nigeria.

We have seen many wonderful things happen to people who have planted good seeds on ‘Mother Earth’ in this beautiful country and we have been part of a few success stories. 

And we strongly believe that you too can be a success in no time, no matter how limited your resources may be. 


Nigeria is blessed with an enormous supply of human, capital and land resources, so much that her development is taken for granted. 

Though, still developing, she has the largest economy in Africa and probably the world’s biggest potential for growth in real estate (of course we might be just a little biased).

As your online guide to Nigeria real estate, we have prepared all the FREE information on this website to help you plan and execute your real estate strategies.

The tips and information on our site will:

  •  Meet your need if all you want is a beginners guide to investing.
  •  Show you that Goal Dig is more than just the perfect investing for dummies  guide but also a rich resource bank for the sophisticated investor and the real  estate developer.
  •  Suggest to you creative housing solutions like the manufactured homes, or  portable cabins.
  •  Help you understand the difference between commercial real estate and  residential real estate and how sophisticated real estate investors create wealth,  value, and satisfaction. 
  •  Tell you about the different types of lodging and accommodation if you are only  staying in Nigeria temporarily. 

We do acknowledge that, as in other investment vehicles, there is a certain risk involved in real estate investing but those who are determined to make good money in real estate know how to take advantage of the skills of real estate agents and the expertise of real estate attorneys to make informed decisions and smile to the banks.

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“Buying real estate is not only the best way, the quickest way, the safest way, but the only way to become wealthy.” 

                                                                     -Marshall Field

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