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Goal Dig is a specialist Nigeria real estate guide site that (we hope) provides you with all the resources necessary to make you become a better real estate investor, developer, agent or enthusiast.

Nigeria is the most populous and largest economy in Africa, yet it is still a developing country and we highly believe she has the greatest potential in the world for real estate investment (of course we might be just a little biased).

Using our information pages, FREE itineraries and booking services, you can design the perfect investment plan to create wealth for yourself and many others.

Who Are We?

Goal Dig is owned by Imhons Erons. Imhons and his fiancée, Wemmy Akinwusi are passionate about Nigeria and everything Real Estate, and the website was built to help them share their knowledge and experiences with others. 

Imhons has an engineering background, is a tech enthusiast and has rich experience working in the construction and manufacturing industries. He has lived and studied in Nigeria all his life. 

Wemmy has a Higher Certificate in Estate Management and after spending years working for a couple of real estate firms in Ibadan, Oyo state and Lagos state all in Nigeria, she teamed up with Imhons to start their offline Real Estate firm Villa Nova Properties.

Together we have travelled from Lagos to Minna, from Ibadan to Port Harcourt learning the drama, the demands and the dealings of the Real Estate market in Nigeria. We LOVE Nigeria.

Our desire to help a wider audience achieve their dreams of becoming homeowners, landowners, and money-makers inspired us to start Goal Dig.

We are proud to declare that our integrity and knowledge of the market continue to be our cutting edge. 

We will not cut corners. We will not make false claims. 

And we will point you only in the directions of proven and legitimate opportunities, and mostly the ones we have confirmed to be true and which we have no inhibitions of committing our hard earned cash into.

From real estate investments, to home rentals, house insurance, short term accommodation, and much more, we can help.

We hope that you find Goal Dig a helpful resource when planning your next real estate move. We are always here to assist if you have any questions, and we welcome your Feedback. 

Feel free to give us a call or send us an email. We would be thrilled to hear from you on how our stories, tips and advice have helped you. 

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To your real estate success 

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