The Six Best Neighbourhoods In Nigeria To Own A Home

Have you just come into some real money and you are looking for ways to show off the wealth?

Are you a consummate collector who is considering the possibility of adding luxury real estate to your rare acquisitions? 

Are you a foreigner who wants to enjoy the best of real estate that Nigeria has to offer while you are in the country? 

What exactly do you desire? Constant power supply? Ever-flowing portable water? Roads in perfect condition? Top-of-the-range, un-compromised security? And/or the best scenery nature can offer?

If money is no problem, and you have an uncanny taste for comfort and class, well, then these five and more are the best neighbourhoods or locations to own a home and live In Nigeria 

1. Banana Island, Lagos.

It is near-impossible to think up a classier neighbourhood to live in Nigeria than Banana Island. This man-made island shaped like a banana is where Nigeria's stinkingly rich lives. 

A five-bedroom dream home may cost up to half a million naira on this island but you will have as neighbours multi-billionaires like Mike Adenuga, Saayu Dantata and Kola Abiola and Nigeria's new Vice President-elect, Yemi Osibanjo. 

Facilities here are top notch and luxury is the best money can buy in Nigeria. 

2. Maitama, Abuja.

Maitama may come second to Banana Island on this list but it is by no means inferior to the Lagos neighbourhood in beauty and brilliance. 

Maitama is easily the most expensive place to live in Abuja and even the rats in this place are better fed than most persons in other parts of the country.

A large, fine house may be priced at over N400million, but with you sharing fences with embassies and high commissions, it might be worth every penny invested. 

3. Asokoro, FCT Abuja. 

This is by far the most secured place to live in Nigeria. It has to be! 


Well, when you are only a stone throw away from the official abode of Nigeria's President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, then you can afford to sleep well with both eyes closed. 

Expectly, though, houses in Asokoro don't come cheap and a buyer may have to cough out close to N400m to be entitled to a Certificate of Ownership.

4. Victoria Island (VI), Lagos

An affluent town that sits between Lagos Island and the Lekki Peninsula in the Lagos Lagoon, Victoria Island is certainly one of the most exclusive and expensive areas to live in Nigeria. 

There are quality hotels around, countless relaxation centres a few metres apart, and quite a few restaurant rich in local and continental dishes.

The Bar Beach, at one end, is a top destination for pleasure seekers.

5. Jabi, Abuja. 

Pardon the Federal Capital Territory for taking up most of the spaces on this list. 

In Jabi, another Abuja cash-street, Nigeria politicians who are too 'poor' to own a house in Maitama or don't have enough influence to pull a real estate stunt in Asokoro but who still won't compromise on comfort and luxury find the perfect setting. 

Let me emphasize, however, that Jabi is one of the most beautiful towns in Abuja. 

It might require up to N350million to buy you a tastefully furnished dream home in Jabi. 

6. Nicon Town in Lekki. 

One of the fastest growing emerging markets in Lagos, Nicon Town is the choice of the new super-rich.

Seen as being classier than Lekki Phase 1, sophisticated investors have made the kill on this luxury town, having spent billions to match art with class and comfort. 

Now genuine lovers of magnificent real estate can embrace beauty and brilliance regardless of the high cost (300 million naira for some properties). 

Honourable Mentions. 

We could do a top 10, Top 20, even a Top 50 of the choice neighbourhoods in Nigeria where the moneybags acquire luxury real estate. Top among those who miss this exclusive Top6 list include: 

1. Ikoyi, Lagos.

2. Ikeja GRA, Lagos. A high-end residential area created since the colonial period. 

3. GRA Phase 2, Port Harcourt. 

4. Lekki Scheme 1, Lagos. 

5. Alalubosa, Ibadan. 

6. Ibara, Abeokuta.