Buying a Home

The decision to rent, build or buy a home is one that most people will make at least once in a lifetime. 

On the face of it, buying a home appears easier and more straight forward than building one. You won't have to deal with land lords sent straight from hell, or the ever-fluctuating prices of cement and other building materials, or con-smart, cunny contractors bent on ripping you off, or even the long wait for months or sometimes years for the building to take form. 

Dirty, time-consuming and energy sapping? Well, then it's best for you to buy a home.

Yet many who have taken that route have found that they would have made better choices, avoided several pitfalls, spent fewer funds and enjoyed more peace of mind if only they knew then what they know now. 

Thank goodness you are on this page and you have made it this far. It shows you are a cautious individual who plans ahead well and is equipped with a parachute before jumping out of an aircraft 30,000 feet above sea level.

Provided on this resource page are the most important information you will need to make buying your home a pain-free process. 

If this is your first time of buying a house, you will find this 50 great tips and advice for intending homeowners priceless! 

The search for the right kind- the best kind- of home for your budget can be the toughest part of the journey but you can transfer that burden on to the shoulders of a competent real estate agent who has been trained to handle such searches expertly.

Discover how a good agent will find you a great house in an awesome neighbourhood, for a small commission. 

You may have to decide first which kind of house you can afford and in which location. Buying a home in a luxury neighbourhood requires you have a fatter account than you would need to own a house, say, in a low-cost estate. 

Your budget, not an agent's brilliance, will determine that. 

Once you have located the property that ticked all, or almost all, the right boxes for you, it's time to make the payment. 

Spare a moment or two to determine how much a building is worth, to avoid paying a million naira for a glorified hut in a crime-infested area. Your agent can help you with that. 

She can also help you with inspecting the property. Visit the property at least twice and watch out for these absolute deal-breakers. 

Once you're satisfied fully, contact the seller through your agent or attorney. Usually, a seller's preferred position is that you pay the full agreed price in one fell swoop and upfront, too. If you can afford it, then go for it. 

But if you can’t, answer these simple questions truthfully to know if taking out a mortgage is good for you.

There are other financing options you can also consider and, remember, it's completely down to you to determine which one is best for you.

As soon as the most important documents of the transaction have been transferred to you and are in your care, then Congratulations, you are the newest homeowner in town.

Don’t let your celebrations overshadow the fact that you have to look for a great home insurance deal for your property, though.