David Beckham: Amazing Things Fans Will Never Forget About Him

David Beckham has been around for like forever. A former England international and one of the richest and most recognisable faces in world football, Beckham recently retired from playing actively.

GoalDig highlights ten of the amazing things fans will never forget about David Beckham.

David Beckham Dig

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His Records

David Beckham’s illustrious career is littered with so many firsts that it would be foolhardy to even try to list even half of them here.

Yet one that stands above all else and that he will be most remembered for is that David is the first English footballer to win league titles in four different countries. He won with Manchester United and later with Real Madrid in Spain.

Beckham went further to claim more league wins with Los Angeles Galaxy in the United States and Paris Saint Germain (PSG) in France.  

But it is with Manchester United, where he also won the UEFA Champions League among many other titles that he will forever be more fondly associated.

His Wealth

David Beckham is the Tiger Woods of British football.

David is undoubtedly one of the richest footballers ever. Make no mistake; his wealth does not just flow in from football. Handsome, gorgeous, English, committed professional, adored and widely loved, with a decent private life, Beckham is the ultimate marketing brand.

He’s been atop the football players’ rich list for as long as the Queen has been on her exalted throne.

Lest I forget, He’s so rich his Bechingham Palace rivals that of Her Excellency, the Queen.

Years after, the couple still remains among the most recognisable faces on this planet.

His Freekicks

Beckham’s ability to strike a ball cleanly is renowned. He can pass it short and he can hit them long.

However, what has become his trademark over the years has been his freekicks. Bend-it-like-Beckham is a common phrase, nowadays, attesting to the numerous free kicks he has bent over the opposing wall, beyond the desperate reach of the goalkeeper and into the top corners of goals.

And that’s minus the several pin-point freekicks he has delivered unto the heads and legs of others to score with. It’s therefore no surprise that he has amassed the highest assists in the Premier League, second only to former Manchester United teammate, Ryan Giggs and the highest number of goals from direct freekicks.

His Jersey

Eric Cantona retired in 1997 and left the No7 shirt free. An iconic shirt that had been worn by Bryan Robson and subsequently by Cristiano Ronaldo. David requested for it and it was given him.

With it, he won so many individual and team honours. With it, he became a living legend.

David has gone on to wear the number 23 shirt in Real Madrid and LA Galaxy, 32 in AC Milan and PSG. But it is the legendary No7 jersey which he wore so proudly at Man United that many fans will remember him in.

His Wondergoal

One of the earliest enduring images of the English Premier League was of a gangling, young boy scoring a goal from the half way line.

Well, that boy was David Beckham.

And that wondergoal for the Red Devils in a league match against Wimbledon in 1996 was the Premier League goal of the decade. It brought David into footballing limelight and made him a household name.

His Greatest Moment

David Beckham contributed so many beautiful moments for fans that it’s too hard to single out just one moment.

Trailing Bayern Munich by a lone goal in the 1999 UEFA Champions League Final, David Beckham provided two assists from two conerkicks deep in injury time to complete a dramatic comeback.

But the one that trumps all others?

It was a World Cup qualifier against Greece at Wembley. England needed just a draw to make it to the finals co-hosted by Korea and Japan.

Two and a half minutes into stoppage time, England trailed two goals to one.

All hope was fading.

But with a freekick from all of 35yards, Beckham raised the roof with a superb curling effort into the top corner that became his trademark.

That goal booked England’s place at the 2002 World Cup.

It was a beauty and many people, because of that moment, will love Beckham forever.

His Marriage

Roy Keane may have been the engine driving the Man United bus forward but David was its glamour face. Victoria then was a member of a prominent pop group called ‘Spice Girls’.

So, when Posh Spice meets David Beckham, there’s nothing more tantalising for any paparazzi to feed on. And how fat have they fed on this beautiful couple since Posh married Becks in 1999.

The press suggested his wife was a bad influence on him. His manager, Ferguson believed his marriage into the entertainment scene and his commitments away from football were not good for the team. Becks relationship with Fergie deteriorated as a result.

Despite their fair share of challenges, the couple has clung closer and harder to each other in a union that has yielded 3 fine boys and one pretty daughter.

His Fergie-Gate

Arsenal had just defeated Man United in the FA Cup. Back in the dressing room, a furious Ferguson was giving one of his hairdryer treatments when he kicked a boot that struck Beckham over the eye. It caused a cut that required stitches.

That was the moment when it became clear that either Fergie or Becks had to leave Man United for the other.

His Transfer

David Beckham’s transfer from United was that summer’s saga. After his fall-out with Fergie, Man United were keen to sell. Terms had already been agreed with Barcelona and the deal made public.

New Barcelona president Joan Laporta had based much of his presidential campaign on signing Beckham.

But then the transfer twist.

Real Madrid struck instead. Beckham was signed for €35million as part of the galactico project going on at the Bernabeu. 

And the rest is history.

His Worst Moment

David Beckham was blamed for England’s elimination at the 1998 World Cup. He picked up a silly red card in the knockout match against Argentina.

Diego Simeone fouled Beckham and while lying on the floor, he kicked back at Diego with the Argentine falling like a ton of bricks.

England would go on to lose the match and book an early flight home.

His Tattoos

The first thing you’d probably notice about David Beckham, apart from his hair, is his tattoo.

Beckham has over 20 tattoos adorning his body. He had his wife and his sons’ names tattooed unto his upper torso.

He loves his tattoos and admits they are about the people he wants in his life always.

His Influence

David Beckham has one of the most recognisable faces in the world. He was England captain. He played for two of the biggest clubs in the world. And he had a large following in Asia.

Beckham once topped Winston Churchill as the face fellow Englishmen wanted on their pound.

Yes, he was that popular and adored.

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