5 Features to look for in a Good Real Estate Agent

Agents come in different shapes and sizes.

The good real estate agents are the ones with a large enough network that can provide solutions to all your questions.

The bad ones will show little concern for your satisfaction and place their benefits ahead of your own. The ugly ones are the desperate, get-rich-quick fellows who will varnish into thin air once they are in possession of your hard-earned cash.

I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to find a good real estate agent and stick to her. Since the good, the bad and the ugly agents don’t paste it across their foreheads what kind of sand they are moulded from, it becomes a difficult task to actually find a decent real estate agent.

But looking first for these five attributes in any sweet talking agent you meet will increase your chances of avoiding the bad and the ugly.

1.     Good real estate agents listen to you

Most real estate agents are actually great at selling you their hottest properties at an incredibly ‘inexpensive’ rate because usually those ones bring in the fattest commissions. In truth, however, these great properties may not be sited in a location of your choice.

A good real estate agent will not try to force her own wish down your throat. Rather, she would ask questions, listen to your concerns and pay attentions to your worries. From the foregoing, she would then present you with a couple of choices that will necessarily satisfy your needs, whether they pay her big or small.

2.    A good real estate agent has an office

If you chose to deal with on-the-street-agents, the risk is way bigger and on your head alone. While not all those street agents are thieves quite a few have been known to make away with client’s money and there’s no other way to locate them once their phones are switched off.

But an agent with an office space of his own has a reputation to protect, a business to run, neighbours who know him intimately and a landlord who can provide his personal details if he disappears midway into a transaction.

3.     A good real estate agent is honest

If after only one or two interactions, you begin to notice inconsistencies and distortions in the stories and claims of an agent, beware.

In other words, run, as fast as your legs can carry you. There are other fishes in the oceans, why play with a shark.

Why flee fast?

Well, it is a trust-based business.  And you are going to be handing over several thousands, if not millions, of naira to someone you hardly know. If she can’t be honest in tiny, little details, what makes you think she would be truthful in the big deals ahead?

Before you commit your cash, let your conscience be clear.

4.     Good real estate agents have quality networks.

Agents are not isolated fools, they work together. Good agents know each other and stay in touch. If an agent you know to be trustworthy and efficient recommends another agent in another area, region or state, then you are most likely in safe hands. 

Sometimes, one agent can call another to source for the very property that meets your requirements. When you have knowledge of these, don’t be scared. It is actually a good practice. You’re effectively getting two or three heads for the price of one

5.     A good real estate agent is educated

Qualified real estate agents have been trained at the University or Polytechnic as Quantity Surveyors, Real Estate Managers, etc.

There are some experienced agents however who started as builders or lawyers but who have been managing people’s properties for years and have gained a lot technical know-how on the job.

Either boasting a college certificate or many years of experience, a good agent goes beyond one branding a fancy business card or a flashy letter-headed paper.

She must understand your needs and be willing to provide you solutions to meet those needs. Once you have found her, be assured that you’re in the hands of a capable manager of assets. If not, then you know what to do.

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