Evang. Mike Bamiloye’s Finest Quotable Quotes on Faith

Evang. Mike Bamiloye is the President and Founder of The Mount Zion Faith Ministries International, a full-time evangelical drama and film productions ministry based in Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria. He is also the Executive Director of the Mount Zion Institute of Christian Drama and the Mount Zion Films Productions.

Evangelist Bamiloye is a Christian Playwright, Producer and Director. He is currently the Chairman, Board of Trustees of All Nigerian Conference of Evangelical Drama Ministries (ANCEDRAM).

Evang. Mike Bamiloye has experienced first-hand the transforming power of faith and shared his empowering insights in many of his best-selling books. Here are some of his finest Quotable Quotes on Faith.

1.       Of what use are the brilliant visions of your heart that die and are buried in your heart?

2.       Do you know why many are struggling in the ministry today after many years of serving? They missed the time they were supposed to follow God’s word by faith.

3.       Many have missed the land of their inheritance because they have doubted God and have refused to follow him.

4.       Faith and not age is the real issue when it comes to fulfilling God’s divine purpose for your life and ministry.

5.       The Lord would not order you to do what He knows you would not be capable of doing.

6.       If He gives you a vision to accomplish, He knows it will be possible.

7.       When faith is lacking in our walk with God, nothing empowers Him to fulfill His promises and establish His covenants.

8.        When you don’t operate in faith then you have ruled yourself out of His divine presence and favour. You can’t please God.

9.       Muslims have faith but they hang all the valuable faith they have not on Jesus for salvation but on someone else who himself needed salvation.

10.   You have what it takes to do all he has asked you to do. You have all it takes to be what He wants you to be.

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11.       Your faith must be in action to grow. It is the faith that grows in you that makes you what the Lord wants you to be.

12.       You carry in you a deposit of the ‘breath’ of God that parted the Red Sea and froze the deep sea.

13.       And because you have kept down the power in you, you have kept yourself down.

14.       The only way to get your faith quickened, the only avenue for your faith to be stirred is for it to be exposed to tests.

15.       It is not the number of years in the Lord that matters but the number of times you have crossed from one spiritual level to another.

16.       You can’t walk with God if you operate in doubt.

17.       Whoever would desire to walk with God must be ready to do crazy things- things others would not comprehend, completely opposite human reasoning.

18.       The reason why men cannot yet conquer their kingdoms and make impact during their lifetime is because they have walked with God in the wisdom of men.

19.       No one becomes God’s special weapon without releasing himself to God’s own ways of doing things.

20.   God’s ways for your life may be so foolish, incomprehensible and rough but his way is perfect. Let Him have His way.

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21.       Our educational background and academic wisdom, many times, had made us ‘wiser’ than God.

22.       You step on His toes if you decide to love Him but not willing to believe all He says.

23.       If you would do all what He says, your ways will not please man.

24.       Only by giving can a ministry keep getting.

25.       A man cannot excel in ministry if he depends on getting, receiving and grabbing alone from people.

26.       Doing His work in His own way is what amounts to success in His presence.

27.       To conquer the land of your possession is to be able to do mighty exploits for God.

28.       While Receiving-Faith Christians could be likened to a pool that receives and hold water, Giving-Faith Christians are likened to a running stream that boasts of fresh cool and refreshing water all the time.

29.       A minister of God who always wants to get and grab from the children of God will have a lot of hindrances and obstacles to contend with.

30.   Conquering the land of your possession demands faith, active faith.

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31.       Faith, real faith, is associated with giving, sowing, seeding or planting in the course of the kingdom of God.

32.       Giving has kept us going. Giving has kept us rising. Giving has kept us living.

33.       Many times when you give to God, He may not pay you back at the time you wanted a response but at the actual time He knows you needed a response.

34.       He knows what you need. He knows when you have a need.

35.       If you sow, you reap. That’s certain. But He does not need to tell you when you will reap.

36.       You can’t be addicted to taking, getting, receiving, and grabbing all the time and get to your ministerial destinations.

37.       You don’t get to your Canaan land without passing through your wilderness.

38.       When things are hard, sow your seeds.

39.       His ways may seem so foolish and very unreasonable but He knows what is best for you. He knows what He’s doing.

40.   A man does not have a lasting ministry who cannot refrain from flying upon every spoil.

41.   A seed could be destroyed by a bad soil. When the ground is bad, then the seed may have no hope.

42.   When you live by giving, you prosper.

43.   Don’t give God bad offerings, He is a great King. He deserves quality ones, perfect seeds.  

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