The Best Bishop David Oyedepo's Quotable Quotes

Dr. David Oyedepo Quotes

Dr. David Oyedepo is the Chancellor of Covenant University, Ota, Ogun State. He is also the Chairman, Board of Regents and founding Bishop, Living Faith Worldwide.

A teacher of the Word, Bishop Oyedepo opens his mouth and motivating, inspiring and soul-lifting words from their flow.

Here are 60 of the most inspiring Bishop David Oyedepo Quotes:

1. Until you are willing to change your approach, you cannot improve on your results.

2. Hard work doesn't kill, wrong work does!

3. No one can emerge a giant with a strange god in his closet. He is either Lord of all or Lord of none.

4. Give life a common approach and you will end as a common man. Whatever a man sows, he shall reap!

5. There is no divine plan that has not been divinely budgeted for.

6. Faith is putting God's Word to work, not waiting for God to Work.

7. You belong to the high places of the earth; if you don't see it, you cannot have it.

8. It takes high level discipline to make high level achievements.

9. The plan of God will not deliver on its own; there is a part to play.

10. A child that will make a mark tomorrow must not be allowed to be careless.

Dr. David Oyedepo Inspiring Quotes

11. It’s your faith that determines your lot.

12. Stars are not made by singing about stardom, but by a life of sacrifice.

13. Giving God praise in the midst of challenges turns them into testimonies.

14. No one knows the future like the One who created it.

5. Your prosperity has nothing to do with the economic climate, because the covenant is eternally stronger than any condition on earth.

16. If your children do what they like today, they will exhibit what you will not like tomorrow.

17. Nothing of value is free! That’s why you cannot emerge a star for free!

18. Tithe is not a seed; it’s a debt you owe God.

19. Doing your best is diligence; going beyond your best is sacrifice. That's what makes a star!

20. You cannot overcome darkness with grammar. Therefore, be lighted by the Word!

Dr. David Oyedepo Motivational Quotes

21. God has no evil plan for His children, so anything contrary to good in your life is not from God!

22. The more studious you are, the more glorious your destiny is because every time God speaks, He speaks through His Word!

23. If you are not serving God in any capacity, you are wasting away.

24. God's Presence and Peace will always accompany God's Plans.

25. You are the light of the world, not a concern.

26. It’s the quality of your input in praise that determines the quality of your output.

27. When God takes over, it’s over.

28. If you are not Word loaded on the day of trouble, you will be a cheap prey.

29. You can’t underestimate the power of praise in warfare.

30. When God steps in, problems melt like wax before him.

Dr. David Oyedepo Quotable Quotes

31. There is no man that has made God the centre of his life who has not emerged great.

32. Putting the Word to work guarantees sweat-less triumph.

33. Problems remain problems until we transfer them to God.

34. Salvation is a personal encounter with the Saviour.

35. It's pride not to praise God.

36. The reason you lose battles cheaply is because you are not praise-full.

37. The more praise-full you are the healthier you become.

38. Perhaps, the reason why that blessing has not come is because you've not praised Him for the last one He did.

39. Every revelation of scripture is a spiritual treasure put in your hands to make the most of it in your life.

40. What is happening around you is not a determining factor of how you praise God.

Dr. David Oyedepo Best Quotes

41. You can praise your way out of misfortune in to greatness.

42. Remember truth is ageless, eternal, and true, take it or leave it.

43. Anything about your life can be turnaround through praise.

44. Kingdom service will set an ordinary man above all nations of the earth.

45. It takes meekness to walk with God.

46. Your enemies are silenced through high praises.

47. Everything about life thrives on the concept of seed time and harvest. You can’t get more than you put in to it.

48. New birth is not an ideology, it’s an experience. You can’t be saved and not know it.

49. Water baptism is a kingdom mystery that sets a seal on our redemption. If Jesus did it, we should.

50. Don't serve God as a hobby nor in your spare time, serve Him in a business like manner.

Dr. David Oyedepo Quotes

51. There is no new generation truth, what was wrong yesterday is still wrong today.

53. When you praise God, you invoke His presence and provoke him to manifest His greatness in your situation.

54. It is not due to lack of education that we suffer, but due to lack of applicable knowledge.

55. Infrastructure down, education system in decay, at the end, people are asking for votes. There is human catastrophe, human sacrifice. This revolution will take intellectual approach, not human sacrifice. Everybody should take up the challenge. Unless we rise up, we will one day look for where Nigeria is.

56. In Nigeria, prosperity is robbery. If it’s your turn, carry all you can carry. Even those who are pastors. We have great policies, but nobody comes to drive them.

57. Most of our leaders today forced their way into leadership positions. So the question of capacity does not arise, our leadership (Nigeria) is for the highest bidder, and anybody can get in there.

He becomes a senator and he cannot speak a word of English, nor does he understands the constitution. He has not read it anyway. So, there is a major capacity problem.

58. If you have character, it will enhance capacity development. If you have capacity with character, you are on your way to becoming a great leader.

59. I’ve invested all my life in books and what is of value. People need to be aware, rise and disarm people who want to bring our nation down.

60. To God all praise belongs.