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Searching for the funniest real estate jokes and humour online? Well, your search is over! You are about to laugh till your ribs ache. Here are the finest collection of real estate jokes you will find anywhere on the web. 

Thank us later for giving you reasons to laugh!

A Broker’s Choice

A new batch of pilgrims arrived at the Pearly Gates where St. Peter and the devil were waiting to sort through the group. 

A couple of politicians were first on the queue and after St. Peter read through their different profiles, everyone agreed that they should go with the lord of hell. 

A medical doctor followed, and having saved countless lives while on earth, the gates of heaven were opened to him and he majestically matched into glory and eternal bliss. Everyone - almost - standing by watched with envy and silently prayed for such an end.

Next was a lawyer, and no one objected as the devil claimed another recruit. 

An Engineer came up after and St. Peter did not entertain any question or objection as he was allowed into heaven on the VIP Express Card

God had ordered that all engineers be sent straight to heaven for fear that should one be permitted to go down to hell, he would soon grow dissatisfied with conditions there and may start re-designing and re-constructing the eternal abode of God’s arch enemy, Satan. 

Who does not know that hell will no longer be hell if air-conditions and refrigerators were to be introduced down there?! 

But a heated argument broke out between the devil and St. Peter when it was the turn of a real estate broker to have his fate decided.  

The devil wondered why such a ‘crook’ would be allowed in heaven while St. Peter insisted that the man had made more people happy than sad while on earth.

Noble St. Peter then decided to settle the dispute by giving the broker the power to choose which realm he would like to spend eternity: Heaven or hell.

Not everyone would ever have that chance and St. Peters was convinced that the man would make the obvious wise choice.  

The broker then stepped forward confidently and, after thinking for just a brief second, declared: “I will be glad to go with the politicians, they pay well for properties!”

St. Peters fainted.

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