The Finest Real Estate Quotes

Quotes are wisdom words on marbles, intended to inspire, motivate, encourage, and guide. Even more so in real estate, where every step of the way people want to hear from successful real estate giants who have been there and done it.

Here are some of the finest real estate quotes from individuals who know what they are talking about.

1. “Land monopoly is not only monopoly, but it is by far the greatest of monopolies; it is a perpetual monopoly, and it is the mother of all other forms of monopoly.”

-Winston Churchill.

2. “Real estate is an imperishable asset, ever increasing in value. It is the most solid security that human ingenuity has devised. It is the basis of all security and about the only indestructible security.”

-Russell Sage.

3. “Buying real estate is not only the best way, the quickest way, the safest way, but the only way to become wealthy.”

-Marshall Field.

4. “The best investment on Earth is earth.”

-Louis Glickman, American business executive.

5. “I have always liked real estate; farm land, pasture land, timber land and city property. I have had experience with all of them. I guess I just naturally like ‘the good Earth,’ the foundation of all our wealth.”

-Jesse H. Jones, former federal government financier.

6. “Buy real estate in areas where the path exists…and buy more real estate where there is no path, but you can create your own.”

-David Waronker.

More Fine Real Estate Quotes

7. “A man complained that [on] his way home to dinner he had every day to pass through that long field of his neighbour’s. I advised him to buy it, and it would never seem long again.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson.

8. “The best investment on earth is earth.”

-Louis Glickman.

8. “It is a comfortable feeling to know that you stand on your own ground. Land is about the only think that can’t fly away.”

-Anthony Trollope.

10. “There have been few things in my life which have had a more genial effect on my mind than the possession of a piece of land.”

-Harriet Martineau.

11. “Energy efficiency should be on the priority list for all home improvement work these days. Canny builders will be able to provide homeowners with energy efficient measures which help them to save money and the planet.”

Sarah Beeny.

12. “Don’t stretch yourself too much with a mortgage. Buy within your means. it’s not worth the sleepless nights.”

Sarah Beeny.