Selling Your House: Ten Top Tips to Get it Sold Fast 

Once you have decided on selling your house, it’s time to let buyers know that it’s become available. Or else it will just stand there ugly and familiar, just another house on another corner of the street. 

As a seller, your desire is to receive the maximum possible amount on the house you have invested so much emotional and financial resources on over the years. And to get it sold on time. 

These ten tips plus one will show you just how to go about it. 

1. If you want to sell it yourself, use online property listings like OLX, Nigeria Property and if possible YouTube. Have a video of the house (inside and outside), the landmarks on your street as well posted on YouTube.

The traffic on these sites is impressive, these companies having paid heftily for these. Be smart and leverage on this traffic. 

2. For OLX and the likes, 5-7 snapshots of the interiors and exteriors of the house from different angles will increase the chances of potential buyers falling in love with it.

Take several pictures of your property from different angles and have them displayed on any of these platforms. At least six pictures will do.

3. Employ the services of a competent real estate agent and agree an unusually juicy commission for her.

This will make her catapult your property to the top of her 'Urgent Sales' list. Real estate agents have several marketing strategies that they employ to sell properties.

4. If you are selling your house with the furniture and kitchen stuffs inside, say so. If you are not selling them together, be clear in declaring it! You don’t want to leave anyone in doubt that may lead to arguments later. 

5. Consider giving a touch of paint to the interiors and exteriors of the house before buyers start looking in.

Apart from shedding that old, haggard look your building has been carrying for like forever, it can also add an additional million or two on the value of the house. 

6. Now is the time to make sure the flowers are well watered and in good condition. They help indicate that you have maintained the property in the best state possible.

No one in his right senses will pay good money for a rat-house, except it’s erected on an oil-field, of course. 

7. Call in the carpenter to fix every creaking door, any broken shelf, any leaking roof, etc. If there are any other repairs to be done, bring in the repair-men and let every fault be fixed. You don't want the house looking old and dilapidated.

Understand that the buyer will inspect your house at least once before he pays. He won’t simply take your word for it that it’s a great house. I know I wouldn’t. So count on it that if anything is not properly affixed, he will find out. 

More tips on selling your house

8. If possible, move out of the house with your family and every item you are not including in the sale before putting the house up for sale. 

9. Don't get too emotionally attached to the house.

If you want it sold quickly, allow real estate agents put a 'For Sale' sign on the property. 

10. Get the word out on Facebook that you are selling your house. From your friends and friends of your friends, you have a strong enough network that can provide you a buyer with top dollar. 

11. Do your own background research and find out how much a property like yours is worth in your neighbourhood to help guide you when you want to price your home. It would be a shame to under-price a great house and foolish to over-price a dilapidated home. 

13. When selling your house, consider putting out a newspaper advert. Newspapers can reach people you have never met, people your friends don’t know, and people from out of your area or state.

People who would be willing to buy your house fast. For a small advertising fee, put your house in the noses of potential buyers and expect their calls anytime.