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Five Terrible Tenants Every Landlord Seek To Avoid

Many landlords really don’t like real estate agents and if they had their ways, they would gladly cut off the fingers of these ‘greedy’ middlemen.

But the roles of these middlemen increasingly become appreciated by the landlords who are eager to pass the burden of selecting good tenants unto someone else’s shoulders.

Who can blame them with the hordes of terrible tenants and home renters who are seemingly sent out from the pits of hell?

These are the worst kinds you will find: 

Terrible Tenants 1: The Chief Tout

No landlord wants to rent out any part of his house to a tout, much less an influential one. This is because other notorious thugs will want to pay their ‘Olori’ (Chairman) regular visits.

These visits often feature cheap prostitutes and cheap local gins. And no one can predict what a drunk tout can or cannot do. Night or day, no one in that house is innocent or safe from raids and counter-raids from opposing thugs and the police.

That’s why landlords avoid thugs as tenants like leprosy.

Terrible Tenants 2: The Social Fighter

Just as worse as a tout tenant is a social fighter.

I used to live in the same house with a man whose wife was a tireless trouble maker. After she had picked quarrels with every other tenant inside the building either old or young, men or women, she then took her fighting skills public by engaging people from other houses and streets.

Many times she would come home with her clothes torn and her mood spiteful. Her husband was too quiet and ‘dumb’ to arrest the situation. Her actions had caused our landlord several shameful retributions at the Landlord Association meetings. 

“Why would he rent out his flat to a family that had become renowned in three other areas?” 

He was finally forced to eject the warrior wife and the meek husband from his house. No other landlord in the area would take them in and they had to move to another town where they were not yet known.

But I still wonder how long that woman’s Jezebelic behaviours would let them stay there.

Terrible Tenants 3: The Non-payer of Rent 

The biggest headache any landlord has is a tenant who refuses to pay his rents as at when due. It is shocking to hear of tenants who owe 6 months, 1 year or even 2, 3 year rent and then pack out of the house without paying a kobo. 

I mean what would landlords eat if all tenants do that? Banana leaves?

Economic recessions, unemployment, loss of jobs, sudden death of bread-winners have all been cited as reasons for not paying rents on time.

While some of these reasons are genuine, the case is not always true.

It is sad to note that some working people continue to live in houses they can’t afford to pacify egos they don’t want to ditch.

Terrible Tenants 4: The Night Crawler

The story has been told of a man who, after closing from work early in the evening, was fond of patronizing bars and alcoholic joints in the area before setting for home in his car way past midnight.

Unfortunately, armed robbers had used the opportunity to rob every occupant of the house including the landlord severally, by waiting for the moment when the compound gates would be open to the man. 

These had happened several times before the landlord insisted that the gates into the compound be locked by 10 pm and remain so till 6 am. Still the man did not change his ways and a few times he was left to sleep in his car until daybreak.

The last time he was locked out, he was robbed, beaten and shot at. Bitter, he sued the landlord for denying him access to the apartment he paid for.

Fortunately for the house-owner ,other tenants in the house came to court to testify against the night crawler and the landlord won. He was asked to pack out of the house if he couldn't abide by the 10 pm deadline. 

Terrible Tenants 5: The Party Freaks

Landlords hate party dolls.

It’s of no concern if the party freak attends other people’s party. But if the fella is the one who plays host to most of the twice weekly, all night parties, then it becomes a problem for the landlord to solve.

You know the party drill now. Lots of alcoholic wines and beers. Lots of noise coming from large, loud speakers. Lots of people moving in and out at odd hours of the night.

Lots of reported cases of rape, molestation and fightings. 

All of these and more, twice or thrice weekly. Show me any landlord happy to live under such conditions and I will show you a man suited to live in the craziest part of hell. 

Landlords who have had any or a combination of any of these terrible home renters have had the worst nightmares, the king I will not wish my enemy.

There's good news!

A good real estate agent knows how to sort out the terrible from the terrific when it comes to picking tenants that can live peaceably with the landlord and neighbours. 

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