Little Known Facts About Alexis Sanchez

GoalDig did a little digging around and we uncovered a few details that were not so obvious when you first sight Arsenal’s newest big-money signing, Alexis Sanchez.

The media has been awash all week with how a great scoring sensation he is. How immaculate he is with the ball at his feet.

Some even went as far as calling Sanchez, Barcelona’s best player last season!

We reveal much more than that.        

This is a glimpse into the real, human, imperfect Alexis Sanchez that Arsenal fans will come to know over the coming months, and years.

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1.            He is a womanizer

Brazilian models, air stewardesses, art directors and designers, just name them. Sanchez has had a fling or two with them all.

With his killer looks and sexy smile, it’s no surprise why girls simply can’t resist his charms.

2.            Nino Maravilla

Call him any name you want: the ‘bomber’, the ‘banger’, the ‘charmer’, whatever. But one nickname that has stuck with Alexis Sanchez over the course of his footballing career, his most popular, undoubtedly is

Nino Maravilla

3.            He’s Makelele-esque

He may be brave, tough, with a bit of a defensive side to his game, yet that is not where Alexis Sanchez’s similarity ends with that now-retired midfield terrier, defensive general and French legend called Claude Makelele.

One other similar point is their height.

Alexis Sanchez is only a fraction of an inch shorter than Claude Makelele.

If some refer to him as ‘pint-size’, now you know why.

4.            He’s no bolt from Mars

Not at all. He’s growth has followed carefully laid path and progression. He starred at the U-20 World Youth Championships.

Udinese then groomed him to maturity, unleashing him at the appointed time on the unsuspecting Serie A.

This culminated on him being voted the world’s most promising youngster by fans on in 2011. What made the award more thrilling was the roll call of talented youngsters he beat to the gong.

Gareth Bale. Javier Pastore. Neymar Junior. Enough said.

5.            He’s not cheap

Not many people are complaining about the £35m boss Arsene Wenger had to cough up to get his man. And rightly so. You don’t get players of his undiluted quality with crumpled dollar bills.

He doesn’t come cheap.

Alexis Sanchez’s transfer from Udinese to Barcelona, in 2011, was the most expensive transfer in Chilean history.

6.            Virgin Chilean Gunner

We are a blessed generation. Even the oldest Arsenal fans, despite their numerous beautiful memories, have never seen a Chilean adorn the colours of Arsenal.

Yeah, you guessed right.

Alexis Sanchez is Arsenal FC’s first ever Chilean player.

Welcome, Nino.