The Ten Most Deceitful Women In The Holy Bible

Women have always occupied remarkable spots in the history of mankind – for good or for bad. Today, let’s cast the searchlight on ten of the most untrustworthy of them all; the woman who caused the fall of man, the one who betrayed the world’s strongest man and the old lady who nearly cause a man of faith to lose his destiny among others. The Holy Bible is filled with their stories; tales of women who were the devil’s incarnate and who caused the ruin of great men.

GoalDig takes a look at the ten most horribly treacherous women in Bible times.

10. Lot's Daughters

Lot, Abraham's brother’s son, had suffered great losses in the land he chose to live. At a point, he was almost as wealthy as Abraham but after God visited Sodom and Gomorrah in all His fury, Lot lost his fine houses, his livestock, his slaves, all his property and, particularly, his wife.

He barely escaped the destruction with his two daughters. And the once great man was reduced to a poor fellow living in caves. Still he continued living with hope, his two daughters, his strength.

But Lot’s daughters would later betray their father. When the two of them grew up to marriageable age with no man asking for their hands in marriage, they devised an evil plan to have Lot father their children. So night after night, they would get their father totally drunk and take turns in sleeping with him, without their father ever knowing what happened.

The heinous girls gave birth each to a son, the descendants of which became sworn enemies of the children of Abraham’s son, Isaac.

9. Miss Tamar

Judah, one of Jacob’s sons, got married and had three sons: Er, Onan and Shelah. When Er came of age, Judah chose beautiful Miss Tamar as wife for him. Soon after, Er died without an offspring, so Tamar was passed on to have a son in his brother’s name as was the practice at the time.

Again, Onan died before he could father a child.

Judah thereafter became so scared of young Shelah’s life that he boycotted tradition and refused to give Tamar to him as wife. Gradually, Tamar grew disillusioned as she did not want to die a childless widow. So she cooked a nasty plot, dressed like a whore, tricked her father-in-law into sleeping with her and got pregnant.

But when Tamar was discovered to be pregnant without a husband, Judah got mad and backed those who wanted to lynch the young woman.

But Tamar’s treacherous plan was excellent and she instantly proved that her father-in-law was the man responsible for her shame. Judas was humbled and the deceitful woman was absurdly cleared of any wrongdoing.

8. Mrs Sapphira Ananias

After the death of Jesus the Christ, his followers gathered themselves together, living in peace and one accord and sharing everything they had among one another.

No one who had more than enough held back, and none was in need of anything. If you own property, you sell them and bring the proceeds to the apostles to share among the needy. No one was forced to do these things, everything was done in love.

About this time, Sapphira connived with her husband, Ananias, to sell a piece of their property but to only declare publicly part of the money realised.

And thus they did.

They made the sale, kept some of the money and lied to the apostles about it.

God was angry and killed Ananias. Sapphira had a chance to change the story and tell the truth. But she was deceitful too and God struck her dead as He had struck her husband.

7. Mrs Sarah Abraham

Sarah was the wife of the man God had promised to make the father of many nations. She opined that before any man could father a million, he had to first give birth to one. But as she neared old age, she grew more convinced that the Abrahamic promise might not be fulfilled through her.

She knew that Abraham could marry another wife who would bear him the covenant child once she died. So she came up with an ingenious plan and compelled her husband to sleep with her young Egyptian slave named Hagar.

Quickly, Hagar became pregnant and bore Ishmael but Sarah’s plan backfired and she had the slave woman sent away with her baby. Sarah would later be delivered of Isaac but her actions had changed the world forever.

The descendants of Isaac and those of Ishmael would forever be at each other’s throats, sworn enemies for life. 

6. Queen Athaliah

Athaliah’s son, Ahaziah, was the ruler of Judah. As the queen mother, she commanded respect and honour from all the people of Judah just as custom demanded. Yet, the mother of the king secretly craved for more power. She eyed the king’s throne and crown with envy and jealous desire.

A golden chance to realise her selfish dream opened up one eventful day and she grabbed it with both hands.

When news reached her that her son, the king, had been betrayed and slain, she immediately set her own devilish plans in motion.

First, she had all the princes and anyone with the slightest claim to the throne slaughtered. Then she assumed the throne and wore the crown, the only queen ruler of Judah would reign unchallenged for six years.

Six years the people bore her insult. Six years they survived her terror. Six years they hoped for change.

The people’s prayers were eventually answered when a palace coup ousted Queen Athaliah and brought an end to her treachery.

5. Herodias

If Herod The First hated Jesus the Christ with passion, Herodias, mistress of Herod II, hated John the Baptist with twice as much fervour. She simply wanted the prophet dead.

His offence? John pointed out to Herodias that her whorish attitude in dumping her husband Philip, to become the concubine of Philip’s brother was wrong and ungodly.

The truth was bitter and she longed to kill the one man who was bold enough to serve it to her cold – John.

But Herod II secretly liked John and would not execute him just to appease a vexed woman’s ego. Rather, he had John kept in custody.

Herodias would not be denied her ultimate wish though and she patiently bid her time.

It arrived during Herod’s birthday party.

Herodias’ daughter danced and thrilled everyone, and in the presence of his important guests, a pleased Herod promised to give the young maiden anything she wanted and asked for, anything at all.

Little girls ask for baby dolls, chocolates and new clothes. But after consulting with her mother, Herodias, the little innocent girl told a bewildered Herod, “I want the head of John on a plate.”

Herod instantly regretted his mistake but he could not break his promise in front of his guests. His devious mistress had won and John the Baptist was beheaded.

4. Mrs Potiphar

When Joseph was sold to Egypt as a slave, he ended up in General Potiphar’s house.

As Pharaoh’s Chief Security Officer, Potiphar was no mean man. As God would have it, the General became fond of Joseph and made the young slave boy his domestic Personal Assistant, putting him in charge of all his property.

Everything, except his gorgeous wife, that is.

Unfortunately, Potiphar’s wife also developed affection for the handsome, Hebrew youth and lusted after him. Day after day, she coaxed, tricked and begged Joseph but he never slept with her. He never joined her in betraying his master.

Then she hatched a plan to get rid of the innocent boy who just could not get under covers with her.

On one of those cool afternoons, she tricked Joseph into her room and dragged him unto her bed. Sensing trouble drawing dangerously close, Boy Joe wrestled himself free from her wild grips and shot out of the room, leaving behind his coat which Mrs Potiphar held onto tightly like her life depended on it.

Immediately Potiphar returned from the palace, she showed him Joseph’s coat as proof: her story was that Boy Joe had attempted to rape her.

General Potiphar flew into a rage and threw Joseph into jail – a sweet victory for his treacherous madam.

3. Delilah

Samson’s destiny was to single-handedly end the reign of his nation’s task masters and face their armies all alone.

God knew the task before Samson was near-impossible, so He gave the mortal man the strength of a god. He was by all account the strongest man that ever lived.

When his enemies realised that he could not be seized, they bribed his girlfriend – Delilah – to find out the secret of Samson’s incredible power. So Delilah set out to work. Daily she pestered and nagged and cried on Samson’s bosom to no avail.

Still she persisted, till Samson could take it no more.

Finally, Samson capitulated and told her the truth: the seven braids on his head had never been cut, cut them and he’ll be just like any other man. Delilah duly cut his hair and invited the enemies.

They caught him easily and poked out his eyes.

So the man who could not be pinned down by a thousand powerful men was captured easily by a frail-looking whore.

2. Queen Jezebel Ahab

When a blood sucking witch and beautiful princess of Sidon married Ahab, king of Israel, there was always going to be only one outcome: a reign of darkness and limitless devilry.

Jezebel practiced whoredom and witchcraft, the likes of which would never be matched throughout Bible history.

She started a national cult and imported idols from her father’s land and from foreign places. She got a sizeable portion of Israelis to join her in worshipping her graven images.

Jezebel killed any who stood in her way and murdered any who dared to speak against her. She led her husband to do more evil than any king before him. Even the great prophet Elijah feared her and ran for his life after he had executed all of Jezebel’s evil prophets.

The land reeked of blood and wickedness while Jezebel lived. It would only take her blood to cleanse the land of such height of evil.

When her end came, she was thrown out of a storey building. Dogs fought over her flesh, ate her completely to the bare bones and licked her blood. Thus was her evil stopped in the land.

1. Madam Eve Adam

Mrs Adam was the first woman the Bible ever mentioned, the first woman created. The mother of everybody else. God had made her from Adam’s ribs to be his helpmeet.

Their purpose on earth was clear: to live only to the glory of God, to live to never die.

All was going according to plan until the devil sweet-talked Eve into eating the forbidden fruit. Instantly, her eyes were opened and she saw she had been naked.

She then took on the role of the devil, offered Adam the forbidden fruit and convinced her husband to take a bite.

Right that minute, an eternal purpose was defeated and God got angry. God punished Eve for betraying her husband and rebuked Adam also for falling for his wife’s pranks.